My first set of challenges

Everyone always has the excuse “This isn’t a good week to start a new diet”. Well, this week was NOT a good week to start a new diet, but I did anyway. I’ll give you the TL;DR right now: I stuck to it.

The Battle Wagon

The Beastmaster BattleWagon. Currently doing it’s best impersonation of a sauna thanks to a blown AC compressor

I started on Tuesday morning (May 29, 2012). Tuesday night I went to the Radiohead concert in Mansfield. It took us 3 hours to get there; 2 hours stuck in bumper to bumper traffic less than 4 miles from the venue. We were also driving my car. Now, my car has it’s own page on facebook. BATTLE WAGON. My wife got a flat, got a flat repaired, the repair failed and she had to drive my car… which recently lost it’s AC compressor. You can read her take on the night at her blog – A Grown Up Evening Gone Awry. It was VERY stressful. We got there late so we never ate. After the show, we sat in 45 minutes of traffic just to get out of the parking lot. On the way home we stopped at a convenience store and got some Oberto jerky (the best we could find), some sunflower seeds and some nuts. At this time of night, I don’t like to eat much. As far as I was concerned we had stuck to the plan all day.

Wednesday and Thursday were regular days. No real challenges. We had sandwiches and salad at work both days and I opted for salad with chicken and bacon and oil and vinegar dressings.

Sitting in the Red Sox Dugout at my company outing

Friday was a challenge. First off, we always have breakfast at work on Fridays which is normally carb heavy: bagels, quiche, scones, etc… I went with a quiche and cut the crust off. I actually have to say I liked it more with no crust. I had my bowl of berries and some water to go along with it. My previous normal Friday breakfast was half a bagel, greek yogurt, berries, quiche with crust, a giant glass of OJ and cream cheese on the bagel. So it was simply a matter of subtraction this time around. The big challenge was that my company was celebrating it’s 30 year anniversary and having a company outing. At our outing there was a LOT of sandwich options and little to no primal options. After first getting a mediocre tuna salad down, I realized that I could go pick through some of the sandwiches for meats and lettuce. I ended up making a lovely chicken, bacon and tomato lettuce wrap. These lettuce wraps are great. I really don’t miss the bread as long as I’ve got a good piece of lettuce to use. I’m surprising myself to be honest. I guess that’s good. On top of that, I walked 3 miles in the morning and another 2 miles during the company scavenger hunt (which included a lot of stairs) and then I walked another 2 miles from the event location back to my office. When I got back to the office, I was hoping to get some fruit, but there was none. We had another concert that night… We ended up going to the venue and getting grilled sausage with peppers and onions and a house salad. They had no good options for dressing. We ended up with a creamy Italian, but used barely any. This was disappointing to me as I had kept pretty solid the entire time short of the dressing. I tended to aim for the driest bits of salad though.

Saturday we went to breakfast. I went with a meat lovers omelette. I substituted my potatoes for a fresh slice of tomato and asked for no bread. I also had 2 small black cups of coffee. I felt pretty good after that. I’m normally stuffed full of bread and pancakes and potatoes at the end of a breakfast like this. Now I felt energetic versus weighed down. For dinner, I had a baked piece of sole with some almond meal and some broccoli while my wife was at a bachelorette party.

Overall, two big challenges were overcome with little to no problems. The only thing I was really craving this week was my Greek yogurt. I guess that’s a reasonably healthy craving I guess. I think the book even mentions that I’m allowed to eat it if I really feel the need. I did finish reading the 21 day challenge book, now I need to read the ‘big book’ – Primal Blueprint.

Also, thanks to Lance for the mention in his blog. I’m definitely fishing for subscribers. Like I said, every positive voice helps in this. So please like, upvote and share. I’m lucky say that I’ve already seen 35 unique visitors so far.

Oh yeah, weight on Saturday morning – 288lbs.  I was kind of expecting more after my diet and exercise yesterday, but I’ll take it.

Weight on Monday morning – 287lbs


2 thoughts on “My first set of challenges

  1. Matt says:

    Keep it going!!!

  2. L Eaton says:

    focusing on weight in a diet plan is problematic–you want to log and look for the longer trends–weight in general fluctuates about 3-4 pounds over the course of a few days (giving food and liquids are constantly going in and out of your body). remember to focus on how your body is feeling and the changes your seeing in your body 🙂 great grappling with the choices–I find that when things are “out of the ordinary” (such as work events, conferences, etc), it is very hard to stay on focus with my eating habits.

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