The first plateau and the long work week

My plan was to start the Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation this week. I hate excuses, but I’m gonna make one anyway. This week I’ve been working from 5am to 8pm and I forgot the challenge pages. Due to having to get into work so early, I have to drive instead of walk which has killed my exercise goals for the week. Luckily, the work I’m doing is a lot of heavy lifting (picking up 50lb Workstations)

Yesterday, I tried to sneak in some of the exercises on a break. I figured the only thing I can’t do at home is pull ups, so I went to our gym and tried to bang some out. I’ve NEVER been able to do a pull up (unassisted). Today reminded me that I still can’t… unfortunately, with 120lbs of assist weight, the most I could eke out was 5. I figured I’d do the rest of the exercises at home, but I fell asleep before I did it. I’m hoping to make it up this morning. I ate in the plan though. I had to desecrate a lovely sandwich for it’s meat and veg, but I added it to a great salad and it was wonderful. It was sad to toss the bread into the bin. The place we got sandwiches from makes a lovely flat bread.

I was able to leave yesterday around 715pm and get home around 815pm to a wonderful dinner. My wife had made chicken nuggets (with almond meal), mashed potatoes (made out of cauliflower) and steamed broccoli. If someone had told me that you can make a reasonable amalgamation of mashed potatoes by pureeing cauliflower I’d have called you a god damned liar and told you to start running for even suggesting it. I’ll tell you this right now… it’s GOOOOOOD. It’s a bit like whipped potatoes with a hint of squash flavor. I could have eaten a few pounds of it.

Speaking of pounds, the lack of exercise is showing. I’ve plateaued at about 288lbs for the time being. Today is my first ‘honor hunger’ day. For this we’re not supposed to eat until we are actually hungry. I’ve been up since 4:40am… I’m getting reasonably hungry. Another challenge for today is that it’s sushi day at work. Now, I’m not sure how I’m going to handle this one. I can’t have the rice (even though it’s a TINY TINY bit) so I’ll need to figure this one out when I see the selection. Might end up recycling yesterdays salad.

Tomorrow I see my doctor to see if my current medication (2.5mg Lisinopril) is working to control my blood pressure. It’s the lowest dose that can be prescribed. Hopefully my blood work will be in by tomorrow as well.

If I don’t get started on the 21 day challenge correctly by today, I’m going to start on Monday, or roll next Monday’s events into the first Monday’s events and do them double duty. I need to figure this out. Luckily the stormy weather is breaking so hopefully I can get out and walk during my lunch break.

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5 thoughts on “The first plateau and the long work week

  1. A. Nonymous says:

    My sushi cheat is tuna salad with real mayo, spread on sheets of nori. I realize the real mayo means it’s not a perfect paleo sub, but it’s better than eating my weight in sushi rice.

  2. Debi says:

    I live in Japan and am Primal/Paleo… Though it’s difficult to go out and eat sushi (which literally is only meaning the rice portion), I do. My ONE cheat in life is rice, but I limit it to less than 1/2 cup. When I’m being ‘strict Primal’, like I’m doing this month, I just go for the sashimi, or the fish only. Being gluten intolerant, I make sure to bring a small bottle of my own soy sauce. It IS possible to enjoy sushi on this eating plan, but not if its just rolls of ‘sushi’. Therefore, that salad sounds awesome!! 😉

  3. Christina says:

    Hey, I’m just starting to switch over to paleo eating after gaining 30 pounds on a year-long carb binge. One of the best things I’ve learned to do to keep myself eating good foods and avoiding the carbs–even the sushi rice you struggled with yesterday–is to look at the food and tell myself, “You deserve better.”

    Give it a shot, next time you’re struggling with not putting that (donut, rice, potatoes) into your mouth!

    Luck to you!


  4. Chandra says:

    We have been doing paleo for about 4 months now. Our chiropractor recommended this to us, and it took a while for us to get on board. Once we started, and all got on board, we haven’t looked back. Try not to sweat starting the 21 day challenge. To me it sounds like you have already started. All you need is the basics: eat right, and get some movement in your life.

    Don’t focus too much on what you aren’t able to do, and try to focus more on what you can do. It took you a long time to put this weight on and it will take you a while to get it off and get in shape. There is nothing wrong with that. Primal/Paleo is a lifelong journey. Once you get through the two week carb cravings the rest is easy. I have found quite a few blogs that I like to go to for recipes. My favorite is nom nom paleo…simple and delicious food.

    You seem to have the drive, and I believe you will be successful on your journey.

  5. L Eaton says:

    on movement, more than anything, I’ve learned that small movements add up…I can often get in 10,000 steps a day, if I do things like take the long way to the bathroom, set timers to get and stretch every half-hour, even walking/running place to get some energy out…when you have the long crazy days, you’re not likely to get much, but it helps all the same…

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