Doctor Feelgood

I have a wonderful doctor that my entire family goes to see. A few weeks ago I was in for another round of “Let’s see if this medication works to control your high blood pressure (HBP)”. He’s reasonably concerned about my HBP, which I find very odd because my previous doctors never even flinched at a 140/90 reading except to say “Keep taking your medicine (Propranalol at the time).”

Now, I don’t like to make excuses, but being on Propranalol (starting in 1996) didn’t help. When I was on it, my energy levels were lowered, but, in no way were they responsible for me sitting down and eating an entire box of Hot and Spicy Cheez-Its (Fat-Self-Conscious: MMmmmmmmmm). That was obviously my parents fault (just kidding). Luckily, I was reasonably active with hockey and biking at that time so I tended to keep the weight between 230 and 245 depending on the season. Now I was still pretty fat at this point but not like I end up becoming. Fast forward to about 1999 and my hockey career is over. At this point I started noticing that I was putting on a ‘summer fat’. While most people tend to lose weight during the summer, I was gaining 10-20 lbs every summer from constant partying, binge drinking and gorging on fattening foods. It was also at this point that I thought that perhaps the medication I was on could be somewhat responsible for the way I was feeling, so I stopped taking it. My energy levels went up. I started working out, I got back down to a good weight and then… I have no idea what happened. Suddenly I gave up and got fat again. My weight tumbled up past 300 and stopped somewhere around 325. My wife was starting to worry and it was at about this time I started the other diets and exercise that luckily pushed my weight to JUST under 300lbs.

At the same time, my wife had started getting fed up with our current doctor for his lack of manners surrounding an issue she was having. She felt he’d given up on her. I’d also gotten tired of his robotic responses as well, so we decided to ask our son’s doctor if he’d see us as a family. Lucky for us, having our son in there already got us right in. His manner is much better than what I’d come to expect. He wanted answers for the questions we had and he was actually concerned about my HBP. He tried me on some HCTZ for a bit, but noticed that under stress, there was not enough control. That brings us to last month where he put me on a very short amount of Lisinopril. It controls my HBP a bit, but he wants to see a LITTLE more of a drop. I told him that I was trying to go Paleo and he said that rather than up my dosage, he gave me 6 weeks on the diet to see how that goes.

My cholesterol numbers came back a bit high in the LDLs and a bit low in the HDLs and he blames that on genetics. I’m hoping that Paleo will help equalize this. I had, at one point been on one of those cholesterol medicines, but I don’t remember which one… the popular one though. He does take a very holistic approach to everything though. He doesn’t immediately medicate and he will suggest natural alternatives.

I’m due back on July 26th, so I’ll have a follow up then. The goal is to be under 125/90.

3 thoughts on “Doctor Feelgood

  1. Chandra says:

    My mom was able to get off of her cholesterol medicine and my MIL quit her blood pressure medicine both after starting Paleo. They have perfect numbers now, too. There is hope!

  2. Kathi says:

    I’m another reader that heard about you from Primal Parents, and I don’t think you can get much better role models.
    Excuse me, but I’m filled with advice!
    Read the Primal Blueprint. It’s much more thorough than 21 Day Transformation. It’s the ‘why’ behind why the Primal/paleo thing works that kept me from looking at this as just one more ‘diet’.
    Remember that protein and fat leave you satiated. Your reference to so many salads makes me worry that you’ll burn out quickly. Even if your work provide free lunch doesn’t mean you can’t a a hunk o’ meat from home. has a ton of success stories, and is a grat source of links to some very uplifting blogs. If you can find time between 12 hour work days, raising a 3 year old, and having your own blog!
    Great idea to start a blog to keep you on track. We’re all pulling for you!

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