Three week update OR I sure do feel better

So, it’s been about 3 weeks since I started this change. I try to avoid calling it a diet because diet seems so ‘temporary’. I really feel that going forward I could be 100% on this way of eating for the rest of my life without any issues. When the idea of grain comes up, I just try to put it in the same category that I put shellfish: this will KILL me. I try to make it as if it is an allergen. I’ve not eaten shellfish EVER. I’ve successfully avoided it all my life and I think I can put grain in that same category.

Sleep with one eye open? Nah, I’m out straight, thanks.

The changes I’ve felt in this short amount of time are amazing. My energy is consistent throughout the day. Where before I’d have waves of energy followed by droughts, now I’m consistent from rising and when 10pm rolls around, I’m done. I’m sleeping better too. Almost too good. I’ve missed a lot of TV due to passing out on the couch. I wouldn’t call it exhaustion, just ‘immediate sleepytime’. Even when I’ve been waking up at 5am, I’m still ready to go.

My concentration seems to be pretty good too. I could probably take a bit more time to look at it, but I’ve definitely felt a bit more motivated than I have in recent time. I’ve been taking the stairs more, I’ve been doing some fasting here and there when a good food choice is not available. I do need to get back on track with the 21 day challenge though. I still haven’t gone through my Primal WOW. I’m planning on going out to do it at lunch despite still feeling a bit embarrassed about the whole bunny hopping in the Boston Public Garden…

I’m at a bit of a plateau again. I’m starting to doubt the accuracy of my scale when it showed 282lbs… I’ve had this idea of simply calling my scale the WIS or Wildly Inaccurate Scale. Today, the WIS said I weighed 283. So, nearly back to -15, if that was even a true reading in the first place. The WIS really throws me off sometimes though. If I move it a half inch to the right or left after a weigh in, the weight could be +/- 2-3lbs.

I will say, I need to find a way to supercharge my weight loss so that I’m losing at least 3-4lbs a week CONSISTENTLY.

Now, onto challenges and cheats. We had a company party last week. We stuck to the plan pretty well. The one thing we may have overdone was the red wine. Now, the book says you can enjoy a glass of red wine occasionally. What they don’t say is if that glass is the one you pour the wine into or the one that wine comes out of… I may have had the latter. I’m not much of a wine drinker, but I demolished a bottle that night in short order. Luckily I cut myself off early enough to sober up 4 hours later. So… while not ‘technically’ a cheat… I’m totally admitting that I cheated on volume. I think we learned our lesson though. Wine hits a bit harder than you expect. I was glad to not have a hangover the next day though.

I had my quiche again today. This time I cut the crusts off on one plate and put the final product on another, reducing the intake of any crumbs. I’d say I avoided 99.9% of them. I cut deep into the quiche this time, discarding some perfectly usable egg and bacon to avoid the grain intake. I think it worked well. The problem is the cheese on it. As I said before, I’m trying to avoid dairy as much as possible with the exception of goat cheese on salads and the baked in cheese on my quiche. I’m going to start looking into bringing my own eggs to work, but we have no stove and I HATE microwave eggs. Also, I don’t think egg-beaters will cut it. I assume there’s some kind of unnatural processing going on there. I’m thinking of making my own quiche at home and bringing it in. Beyond that, I’m trying real hard to stay on plan and I think I’m doing a good job about it right now. I do wish the weight was falling off as well as it did in the first week, but I’ll have to try harder to eat less and workout more. Sounds familiar. Just need to get on it.

Friday weigh in – 283lbs

4 thoughts on “Three week update OR I sure do feel better

  1. CrunchyMama says:

    It sounds like you’re doing well! I hit some plateaus as well, and then the weight really started coming off when I took the Primal Blueprint exercises a bit more seriously. (Then I hurt my back doing something completely unrelated, but that’s another story and I’m working on recovering! LOL)

    Instead of quiche, how about a frittata? Add or don’t-add whatever you want, and no crust to cut off. You can pack it cold for lunch and microwave it there. I also sometimes do an egg bake in a baking dish that you can then cut into bars and pack either cold or hot, OR you can use muffin/cupcake forms for the same purpose. Add meat, add veg, season it the way you like.

    Cheering you on from the sidelines and Sharing on Facebook for my friends who need to hear someone BESIDES me rave about Paleo. 🙂

  2. A. Nonymous says:

    I hear you on the workouts. Sounds like you’re doing really well. If anyone posts how to drop 3-4 pounds a week, you better be for sharing 🙂

  3. Kathi says:

    Did you put the weight on consistently at 3-4 # a week? Of course not! Give yourself som tme! You’re learning new skills, practicing new behaviors, living a new life. Check with Mark again. It doesn’t say eat less and exercise more. It says to eat and exercise smarter. Of course we all want a quick fix!
    You’ve made great progress. Keep I up!

  4. […] even now exercising is still a problem. Read More – Exercise Articles. After just 3 weeks, I was already feeling significantly better. I also started asserting my dietary requirements at work. It didn’t always work, but I […]

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