80/20 OR Cheating… and Zits?

I promised myself I’d stay on track for 30 days… I didn’t quite make it the whole way. Yesterday for father’s day, my family and I went out for frozen yogurt. This new place called Orange Leaf opened up so we bought one (giant) cup of it and shared it between the 3 of us. It was really good. We got all the fruit flavored ones and then added fruit and nut toppings to it. The neat thing about Orange Leaf is that you pay by the ounce and not by the cup size, so we loaded up on real fruit. I didn’t feel terrible after eating it and it was a nice treat. It luckily didn’t ruin my weight loss goals as I ended up down 2lbs since the day before.

I love you, I HATE YOU, I love you, I HATE YOU
Let’s just be friends.

Then there’s the cheese. The primal diet says that you can partake OCCASIONALLY in hard, raw milk cheeses. I’m not 100% sure what I got was raw milk cheese, but it is very hard. It’s the Whole Foods Robusto (which I think is a heavily aged and smoked gouda). It’s not cheap either, but it’s damn good and you only need a tiny cube of it. I think next time I’ll just get the much cheaper Raw Milk Smoked Gouda to compare. I love this cheese though. It’s got a bit of a crunch to it.

Beyond those two cheats I did have a cup of black tea with lemon out of a K-cup… so that’s probably not totally kosher. I’m sure the lemon wasn’t ‘real’.

On the brief topic of Whole Foods and grass fed beef… I find it very hard to find grass fed in even the poshest of butcheries. After coming up empty at the Meat House in Beverly, I went to Whole Foods where I know I would spend a large percentage of my recent paycheck. They ended up having some good, cheap tri-tips that were grass fed and not an arm and a leg. However… I think i set a new high score at that register for me: $224. Motherf… I digress. One other thing I became aware of was ‘grass-fed, grain-finished’. I had never heard of this before and after some simple searching I found this to mean “conventional”. One butchery I called said “Yes, we have grass fed beef that is grain finished.” I was like, “Oh, that’s good, thanks.” Then I started googling. Sure enough that could mean ‘grass fed once’ or it could mean grass fed until brought to slaughter. I’m planning on taking my meat business to North Hollow Farm starting next week. The price per pound is cheap, but it costs a bit to ship. I think once I get it all in order it’ll still be cheaper than getting it at Whole Foods or as my wife (and I think everyone else on the internet) likes to say: WHOLE PAYCHECK *nyuk nyuk nyuk*. Yeah, it’s not cheap…

On to the next thing. Because after discussing food, I know you want to hear about zits. If you don’t… then stop here. If you do, read on:

Monday Weigh in – 280lbs (-17lbs)

For some reason over the past few weeks I’ve been developing my fair share of pimples. Big, nasty ones on my body. Ones that you can feel for a few days before you see it. Yesterday one developed on the side of my tit… a tit zit. I’m trying to find a reason for them, because they’re frigging gross. My wife thinks I might just be detoxing through my skin.

9 thoughts on “80/20 OR Cheating… and Zits?

  1. Erin says:

    Keep an eye on that tit zit, you do NOT want to get mastitis.

  2. lstagg says:

    You’re wife may be onto something with her zit theory. Pre-paleo, I fought with moderate breakouts occasionally. About 5 weeks into Paleo, I had one horrific breakout-the worst I’ve ever had. My diet was clean, following all the rules, you name it. Yet my face looked like a pre-teen after a chocolate binge. It cleared on its own after a couple of weeks, but I never did figure out the cause. Now (a year later), the only time I breakout significantly is after a treat – usually a sugary something.

    I’m loving your blog & cheering for ya! It’s an adventure, but SO worth it! 🙂

  3. Chandra says:

    I didn’t want to look at your zit because I’m eating but I will say that our bodies have to clean themselves from the inside out. So all the crap that your body has been hoarding is going to come out. It comes out through glands in your arm pits, your skin, sweat, etc. We noticed when we went paleo that we had a lot of breakouts.

    Also, check out localharvest.org. I have no idea where you live but you can find local farmers & CSA’s where you could find grass fed/finished meats.

  4. I went through a skin detox similar to this but after about 30 days my skin cleared up. I am doing the 21 day sugar detox by Balanced Bites and have noticed Huge improvements in my skin, hair and nails. No fruit, no diary and no sweeteners. Give it time, you will notice a change.

  5. A. Nonymous says:

    Anytime I clean up my diet, I detox through my skin just like you’re describing. Mine always itches too–yuck! If you can tolerate all the ingredients, I have found 2 plain aspirin dissolved in 1 cup of hot green tea then cooled & bottled makes a good purifying toner. Drinking green tea will speed up your detox, so you can power through it if you want too, but it always makes me nauseated so I just apply it topically and detox slower.

  6. CrunchyMama says:

    You could try applying a little coconut oil topically to the zit. I did find they cleared up pretty quickly when I was starting out, not sure if the coconut oil helped or if they were just shorter-lived but can’t hurt.

    But it occurred to me about a month into eating Paleo that I no longer was breaking out like a teenager, so it WAS jut a passing thing, very likely a detox thing. 🙂

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