To post or not to post?

I’m at that point where I’m debating quality over quantity. I take my writing relatively seriously, but I also know that when you start a blog, you need to keep the user roped in for the first few weeks. I’m at that point where I either push something out with little to no thought (like a facebook update… which I also do at or I miss a day, potentially start to lose my audience and then come back harder the next day.

I still want more readers, but not at the sake of a loss of quality posts. The truth is, I’ve not got much to discuss today. I’ve got an 85+hour work week ahead of me and I’m focusing on preparing for that. When I get home, I’m trying to spend as much time with my family before this marathon of work starting on Thursday.

So, please bear with me. I’m going to try to pre-write a bit of material to go out on a schedule but eventually I’m going to fall into the 2-3 posts a week sooner rather than later.

Tuesday weigh in – 283lbs

One thought on “To post or not to post?

  1. L Eaton says:

    The question of how many posts is too much is a challenging one–though I lean more and more to 1-2 a week of substantive posts. I find that trying to follow all the blogs and people that I want is taxing and I’m more likely to regularly visit the ones that produce less content than the ones that are busting things out every day. Additionally, unless you’re in it for the ad revenue or to launch your career, keeping it going at daily posts is going to be to much for you or your readers. Just my 2 cents 🙂

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