There’s really nothing in Italian food to recover

Tuesday’s food was provided by an Italian place. I knew this one was going to be difficult and it was. The chicken was breaded as was the eggplant. Pasta is out. Salad covered in croutons. So, after picking all the croutons out of my salad and then flicking all the rice off the fish, I had an edible lunch. Italian food seems to be the anti-paleo almost 100% of the time. Pizza, pasta, chicken parm, salads covered in bread and delicious rolls. It’s pretty much the worst thing I’ve dealt with so far. Even after finishing what I had, I was still legitimately hungry. I’m starting to think about carrying some food to work, but I really like to travel very light on my walks.

Fun side note: had a fun embarrassing moment on Monday night. I’ve got a pair of shorts that I JUST bought and are already too big for me. I was going to bring my kid upstairs to sleep and about 2 steps into it, they fell RIGHT off. Gonna need to buy more belts.

Wednesday Weigh In – 282lbs

4 thoughts on “There’s really nothing in Italian food to recover

  1. Erin says:

    I like when your pants fall off.

  2. J.T. says:

    Nice work, man. I would encourage you to reconsider not bringing your own food to work; relying on anything other than what comes out of my own kitchen usually winds up biting me in the ass. Consistency, i.e., eating the same thing over and over again, may be boring but it helps with repeatability and minimizing water weight errors.

    Good luck with your weight loss efforts. Moving to a paleo-oriented program (plus weight lifting) is what helped me break a year-long plateau and make some serious progress.

  3. Debi says:

    Problem is, REAL Italian food is primal… Americanized versions aren’t. Of course, pasta is no-way, no-how primal… BUT there is Paleo Pasta!! Made from almond flour and is great (in my opinion… but it’s been 8 months since I’ve had any “real” pasta!) You can get it at: (cute, I just went there and my very own ‘testimonial’ is posted!! heeee!). Anyhow, back to Italian. It’s the “Mediterranean Diet”… thus, all the vegetables and fruits they eat over there are NOT fried first. They seem to love to eat fresh garden foods just like us primal ones do. It’s just unfortunate that in America, we fry everything that comes our way! Anyhow… perhaps a different, more authentic restaurant might help you and your Italian cravings? I know I still LOVE to cook my own paleo version of Chicken or Eggplant Parmesan… just using almond flour and pecans in place of wheat flour, then pan frying in coconut oil… um, ok… that might be dinner tonight!! Ha ha!! Enjoy your antipasta, go ahead and call yourself gluten intolerant (you’d be surprised at the menus all restaurants have now hidden from ‘normal’ customers) and see if you can still enjoy lunch out. 🙂
    Keep up the great work!! Get used to those pants falling off… I only started buying new pants when I was uncomfortable in my 2-sizes too big pants and dresses! (that’s a MAJOR expense!!)

  4. Ahmed Chrestman says:

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