The 80 hour work week and DIETARY REQUIREMENTS

I mentioned Tuesday about my 80+hour work week this week. That means work will be providing me breakfast, lunch and dinner for 4 solid days (Thursday through Sunday 12+hours a day). Last time we had weekend work it was nothing but sandwiches, burritos and bagels. I decided to finally let the people in charge of food know that I know have DIETARY REQUIREMENTS. I felt like kind of a douche, but I just simply said “I can’t have grains anymore.” They said they’d handle it as long as I didn’t mind occasionally tearing apart a sandwich. As it’s not a gluten allergy, I figured that’s fine for now.

I’m not looking forward to working 4 12+ hour days in a row. It’s deeply stressing me out. I’m not working out because one of our team is already injured and not participating in this work and if I were to hurt my back or legs, I’d be in deep trouble too. The work consists of moving our offices into a new consolidated space. That equates to moving about 40 desks a day for 4 straight days. So, I HOPE that all this work and lack of eating will get me down into the 270s.

This guy by MONDAY! *grunt*

I’m pretty much scheduled to go in on Thursday and come home on Sunday and stay at a local hotel, which obviously takes me away from my family for the weekend. Luckily, my job doesn’t require this very often of me so for that, I’m appreciative. Here’s to hoping for 4 days of good choices and lots of picking  up heavy things and putting them down.

See everyone on Monday or Tuesday. Don’t forget to check my facebook page for little updates.

Thursday Weigh in – 281lbs

2 thoughts on “The 80 hour work week and DIETARY REQUIREMENTS

  1. Sounds like 4 solid days of Crossfit workouts! Hope all goes well.

  2. […] just 3 weeks, I was already feeling significantly better. I also started asserting my dietary requirements at work. It didn’t always work, but I found one person at the company who helped me by […]

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