Mexican food. A tale of woe

Today was Boloco. Boloco makes burritos and we buy them as such. Unfortunately that means rice and beans mashed right into the burritos and meat. I tore into two to try and extract the meat but ended up throwing both away with nothing to eat. I ended up with a salad with some guacamole and salsa.
It was a sad day for me. I LOVE Mexican food and I love Boloco. With no alternatives I left hungry.
I need to start finding food to bring with me to work. What foods do you like to bring with you? Do you keep an emergency pack of food on you?
I need to start making lean jerky to have on me I think.

4 thoughts on “Mexican food. A tale of woe

  1. L Eaton says:

    Generally speaking, I find it essential to always bring food with me to work…eating out or even having work buy lunch is often too tricky, not to mention less than stellar when it comes to quality of the food.

    If you have a freezer/fridge at work, it will probably be easier (frozen veggies/meat last longer, but if the fridge, then you’re looking at less options or options that need renewing quite frequently), but there are other ways you can keep emergency food at work: canned soups (not all are equal in this regard, but some would probably work well) as well as canned meats (I’m thinking more tuna than other meats), but I would think those could suffice…

    the other idea might be to map out what good food places (good for your dietary needs) and grocery shops/convenience stores for you…

  2. J.T. says:

    Home-prepared foods are, in my humble opinion, the cornerstone of eating a good Paleo diet. You simply cannot reliably account for incidental stuff that may be in commercially prepared foods, specificaly cooking oils, sweeteners, or other additives that are non-paleo or fuck with your macros in ways you can’t directly ascertain.

    Easy fix, though. Grill, broil, or slow-cook some extra meat for dinner and have the leftovers the next day with some salad, broccoli or green beans, all in a Tupperware or Pyrex ready to go. Takes minimal time and effort and gives you a very fine level of control over your intake. No big if you don’t have a fridge at work, just get a reusable ice pack and a cooler bag. I’ve made jerky and it’s relatively easy to do, but not super filling. More of a snack-type food if you ask me. Stick to regular meat.

    Also FWIW I have had really good success by using a PSMF (protein sparing modified fast) protocol in addition to sticking to the paleo foods list. The two go hand-in-hand quite nicely, you get the non-inflammatory thing from paleo and the lean-body mass sparing effect and rapid fat loss.

  3. Lisa says:

    I usually pack leftovers for lunch, paired with raw veggies. I make a lot of soups/stews and burgers or meatballs, which are easy to reheat. I usually have jerky on hand, as well as paleo “granola” bars and hazelnuts/macademia nuts for snacks. Its too easy for me to go overboard on the nuts, so I measure them out. I eat some fruit and find that frozen raspberries are a nice cool treat. They are usually thawed by lunchtime if I put them in the fridge at work when I arrive in the morning.

    You can always make stuff in the slow cooker, like a batch of taco seasoned ground beef or fajita seasoned chicken. That’s easily reheated and a nice topping on salad greens and avocado. A little extra prep time is worth it to have a good meal within the Paleo parameters.

    You can always try the intermittent fasting technique too.

  4. Karen says:

    For the kids (and sometimes for me), I have pre-packaged things that make life a bit easier in a pinch (most ordered from Amazon):
    KIND Minis Variety Pack, 12-Count
    Clif Kid Organic Fruit Rope, Variety Pack, 8 Strawberry, 8 Mixed Berry, 8 Grape, Net Wt. 16.9 Oz. Pack of 24

    Yes, it’s high sugar, but it’s better than grains and better than starving.

    Boiled eggs pack well
    US Wellness meats sells a summer sausage and other such portable meats (though I haven’t yet ordered from them).

    Mostly I go the leftovers from home route too.

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