The first 20 and the next 20.

Today I am officially down 20lbs since starting this. 20lbs in less than a month is pretty impressive. I still have the energy to do this, I’m finding. I’ really sticking to the plan more so than I’ve ever stuck to a plan before. Even when given some serious challenges for foods, I’ve stuck to it. The people I work with are constantly surprised to see how close I stick to the plan. This was evident on Sunday during our breakfast when we all went out and I gave the waiter a hard time about trying to get something that wasn’t “Homefries and toast” with my omelette.

There were a few issues on my move weekend in terms of food though. One day, the movers ate our breakfast before we got there and I had to go find breakfast elsewhere. My boss suggested I just “Eat some cereal” and I told her that I can’t or I’ll get sick. I found this nice little place called Mike and Patty’s a few blocks down that serves organic eggs. I ordered their Bacon and Egg Fancy sandwich without the bagel/muffin. They offered ANOTHER egg in exchange. Yes please. You want to give me ANOTHER egg… because I don’t want the bread? Ok, sucker.

We had PF Changs one night and the only thing that I could even remotely get near was the Beef and Broccoli… but I think it was seasoned or stirred with soy sauce and I was pretty sick to my stomach for a few days. And then yesterday with the Mexican Debacle… I’m starting to look into foods to bring or places to go when I need a paleo meal at work.

Tuesday Weigh in – 277lbs (-20lbs)

3 thoughts on “The first 20 and the next 20.

  1. I know this is a way old post (found you on Reddit, reading through your entire posting history) but in the future, if you end up at PF Changs again, look at their fish options. Last time I got roped into going there for work I got away with a great grilled Salmon with grilled Asparagus for a side. Was delicious and not soaked in Soy!!!!

  2. […] food for me when I was working on special project teams on the weekend. Then it happened… in less than a month I lost 20lbs. Despite all the initial challenges I was making it […]

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