The Barbecue Conundrum or “No, sorry, I can’t eat that”

I’m not Nitrite free, but I’m De-Goddamned-Licious!

We got to go to our first real BBQ while on the plan. We brought some Blueberry Protein Balls and some roasted (scorched) asparagus. I was immediately offered a beer to which I responded “Sorry, can’t drink them anymore,” which started the whole conversation of what I’m doing. The host replied, “Well, I have some home made hard cider, can you have that?” He explained to me the ingredients (pressed apples, yeast and a little bit of sugar) and I decided “Hey, why not?” It was delicious and it seems like hard cider is one of those “debatable” things in the Primal community. I had one (rather large) bottle of it and called it a day with a reasonable buzz.

The meat served may not have been perfectly primal. The (organic, cage free) chicken was in a soy sauce marinade, but we had a few before we learned that. We had some wonderful sausages and kielbasa with grilled onions and peppers which falls squarely into our plan (despite probably having some nitrites in them). And then came the big mistake: The coconut crusted chicken. We asked the person who made them how they made it and she explained, “Eggs, coconut flakes, butter, etc…” and we voraciously dug into it. My wife had a bite and asked one more question to the lady, “So, how do you make it?” She replied, “Well, you take the eggs, coconut, FLOUR, butter…” My wife interrupted “Oh, there’s flour in it?” The woman replied “Well, yeah, you gotta add that to make it stick.” My wife politely spit the bite she had taken out and said “They’re delicious but we can’t have flour.” At that point I was already tearing into the 2nd one… which I shrugged and finished. My first ‘willful’ disregard of the rules. It was REALLY good and I was still hungry. That said, we looked at the composition and determined that we’d be able to modify this meal with almond flour to create this delicious item.

We kept my son out of the crackers and chips that surrounded the BBQ and I hope that we didn’t end up being “Those people…” at the party of mainly strangers. We had a good time and a few people seemed genuinely interested in what we were doing… or they were REAL good fakers.

For July 4th, my wife and I will be hosting a BBQ at my dad’s house. We’re providing the majority of people with burgers and dogs while we have a small stash of food for ourselves (organic, nitrite-free turkey dogs, CSA-supplied ground beef, maybe a steak.) It should be great.

Next time – Adventures in Jerky OR “I think I put too much Sriracha in this batch…”

Saturday weigh-in – 277lbs

Sunday weigh-in – 274lbs

Monday weigh-in – 276lbs

6 thoughts on “The Barbecue Conundrum or “No, sorry, I can’t eat that”

  1. Erin says:

    For some reason, this post repeats twice 🙂

  2. J.T. says:

    Soy sauce is fermented so it’s not a huge deal. Nitrates are a little overhyped IMO, but to each his own.

    I don’t think you have to worry about appearing to be “those people”. Any time you spit out food, lacking a severe allergy that would induce anaphylactic shock, after going on about your nutritional needs, you can pretty much rest assured that you’ve sealed the deal.

    Protip: you determine what goes in. I’ve been to plenty of parties and stuff while dieting, I just eat before or bring something with me. It’s only a big deal if you turn it into one and expect everyone to cater to you.

    • Jared says:

      This is why I didn’t say anything BEFORE the party. I figured we’d use it as our test case and make as little a deal of it as possible.
      My other concern is when bringing food JUST for you… does that look selfish in some instance?
      While everyone is biting into that 50c hamburger and you’re sitting down with a $20 piece of steak… and you brought ONLY enough for you (because it was $20…) should you feel like an ass or not?

      • J.T. says:

        I can’t tell you how to feel. I’ve been in situations where I’m trying to hit specific macros or whatever so I will politely decline a meal or just bring something simple along to tide me over. Meals out are always a big question mark so I tend not to stress out about it and just focus on damage control (monitor intake, use digestive enzymes, correct n6:n3 balance with extra fish oil before or after). A cheat here and there isn’t going to kill you and isn’t worth stressing yourself (or your host) out.

        I make it a point to provide a variety of options to people when I entertain. My menus are mostly paleo (I don’t serve crap) but I add in things that aren’t out of consideration to my guests.

  3. CrunchyMama says:

    Hey, not bad for a first outing! 🙂

    BTW, for coconut-crusted anything, we find that coconut flour helps things stick pretty well, that and egg. (Being allergic to almonds kind of limits my use of almond flour. :-\) I also tend to bake my coconut-crusted stuff, though, which helps keep it in the same zip code as the food it’s supposed to be stuck to. LOL And coconut-crusted stuff works with Thai seasoning. And is GREAT on salmon. 🙂

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