Suck in the guts, guys, we’re the Ghostbusters.

Today marks a banner day for me.

I am 270lbs today. I’m officially 55lbs lighter than my worst weight ever with nothing but dietary changes. Things are going well and I’m going to participate in a “Whole 30″ with my wife starting August 1st. I’m hoping to touch 269lbs tomorrow which marks a solid 30lbs lost since June.

Over the weekend I found that I was able to fit into a 2XL Slim Fit shirt from Old Navy. When I received this shirt for Christmas last year, I was almost offended to get it as there was NO hope of ever fitting into something like this. Instead, I wore it all day on a rather hot day in comfort. I was even able to go to a store and buy a ‘tailor fit’ suit off the rack that fits and looks FABULOUS. I’ll show that off next week.

It felt good to buy some ‘regular store’ bought clothes and not have to go down to over-priced Casual Male XL… I’m down from a 54″ suit to a 50″ Long, my pants are down from a 48″ to a 44”, my shirts are down to a 2X instead of a 3X and most importantly I FEEL good. Not just physically good but mentally good. I’m seeing the fat disappear everyday and it’s done a lot for my self esteem. Going clothes shopping this weekend helped with that immensely as well. I might even go buy a few more suits just because I can (or not… because they’re expensive and I’m hoping to lose another 30-40lbs.)

I’ll have some new ‘sexy suit’ photos over the weekend.

I’ve got a wedding to go to this week and a pretty full plate so updates might be sparse this week.

2 thoughts on “55lbs.

  1. Debi says:

    Way to go, Jared!! So proud of you for keeping up the fight and eating right. It gets harder later on, but still worth it. I’m still on that plateau of 42 lbs down and am so proud of myself that I haven’t gone back UP. Before Primal lifestyle, it would have been a temporary weight loss and I’d go right back up. Now, it’s effortless to stay on that plateau. Like you, I’m thinking the Primal30 will get me more results. So, I’ll join you and your wife to the Primal30 on August 1st!! 🙂

  2. […] debacle. But it was working, by mid July of last year, with only 6 weeks or so into it, I was 55lbs down from my worst weight and 30lbs down since starting. My goal weight at the time was a lofty 205, my doctor stepped in and said I should be at […]

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