The Challenge: Whole 30

As I mentioned in a previous article, I need a kickstart. While I’ve continued to lose weight at a reasonable rate, my enthusiasm is waning. This may not be a bad thing as Paleo/Primal is simply becoming a way of life, but I think it might be time to take it to the next level and start tweaking things for more benefits. My wife had tried the Whole30 through the month of June and seemed happy with her results and not inconvenienced by it.

The Whole30 approach is similar to paleo but it fine tunes a few more items out of the picture. The goal is to follow the plan TO THE LETTER without any cheats. It’s motto is that there are only two foods: foods that make you healthy and foods that don’t. As they say “There is no Food Switzerland”. As for what is OFF THE TABLE for the next 30 days:

White Potatoes
Frankenfood/Hacking (IE, making junk food out of approved ingredients)

Apparently there’s a huge community on facebook ( and that offers a ton of support to people who are working on this challenge. My biggest concerns are this for work: salads at work that have tossed in cheese, no snacking between meals.

I’m going to need some backup plans for ‘bad lunch’ days.

Tuesday Weigh In: 266lbs

Note: this may be the last weigh in until September as I don’t think I’m allowed to weigh myself during the Whole30. I might weigh in tomorrow morning just to have a starting point

3 thoughts on “The Challenge: Whole 30

  1. Erin says:

    I think making a weekly batch of homemade mayo that you can use with canned chicken or tuna and keep in the fridge at work would be great, it could also double as salad dressing. What about finding out what lunch will be for the week ahead of time? Do they know that? Honestly, you’re very lucky to have a catered lunch at work everyday and most people would just be taking their lunch to work everyday, maybe you should consider doing that. It would be about 17 lunches, maybe a few more, right?

  2. […] I should be at 247. Little did he know that I would blow by that in short order, and then… a Whole30 for August. No weight charting, uber strict paleo… no cheating… except that we did cheat and it […]

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