An addendum to my Blood Pressure post

My post on reddit showed a little flaw in my ‘test taking’. There’s a lot of single days data (IE 4-5 readings in a day) and not a lot of consistency with the times for readings.

My previous BP cuff held a LOT of data… previous because it broke. My BP at it’s worst was averaging 160-170/90-100… I had constant headaches. Going up stairs would cause sharp pains in my head and shocked vision.

A few people wondered if it was due to the weight loss vs the diet. I can say that my HBP started when I was thinner. When I was first diagnosed with it, I weighed 230lbs and I exercised and played sports regularly. That said, my diet back then was shit. High carbs (lots of bagels…), lots of fried food, lots of garbage. When I was first diagnosed it was then that I saw my blood pressure in the 170/100 range. So I’m going to say that my weight is a contributing factor, but my DIET was obviously my biggest factor.

Feel free to ask any additional questions

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