Primal Camping Adventure

I like camping. I should say, I like certain aspects of camping. I like being in the woods, eating in the woods, hanging out with friends in the woods, making fires in the woods… but I don’t like sleeping in the woods. This may be because my AeroBed, no matter how hard I try, will continue to leak air and I eventually end up semi-suspended over the ground on the bed and semi-shoulder-dug-into the forest floor.

Step 1 for camping: Buy bacon.

My wife and I decided to bring our kid camping in the local forest. It was the perfect idea because it was A) close and B) cheap. We were close enough to home that if he misbehaved or the weather was bad, we were only out about $30. I prepared 2lbs of jerky, my wife prepared a paleo feast of epic proportions. I didn’t realize how much food she was packing until we got there. She made Paleo Marshmallows (no idea how this works…), paleo graham “crackers” (more like cake), paleo chicken nuggets (which are fantastic), cauliflower rice, fried onions, hot dogs, sauerkraut, sweet potato fries, coconut sandwich wraps and bacon and eggs. She slaved away all week about it and I never even noticed until we got there and started eating. She found a recipe for chicken nuggets that involve ground chicken and coconut. They effectively are like coconut crusted chicken meatballs. They’re fantastic and they reheat awesome. We cut them up one day and put them on these coconut sandwich wraps (made from coconut meat) and they were equally delicious. Being outside when cooking lends a wonderful situation that no matter how much smoke you make, it doesn’t matter, so my wife smoked the crap out of the forest with all the coconut oil fried food we ate. It was all fantastic. Who knew coconuts were so versatile.

We did fun Camping stuff like waking up at 5am and going swimming in a knee deep lake and paddling our canoe around said lake… and starting giant fires in tiny little pits. We went to a local farm and picked raspberries. It was overall a great success and we should have a lot more fun next year… as long as we get a proper sleeping surface.

Thursday Weigh-in – 251lbs

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2 thoughts on “Primal Camping Adventure

  1. Healthy A-Z says:

    Wow, Whole30 and camping! That’s impressive!!

  2. Karen says:

    Wow! Amazing preparation.

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