3 months, 50 pounds, 8 inches.

I’ve reached a pretty significant milestone. For the first time in at least 8 years, I can say that I weigh 250. But, most importantly, I can now buy clothes from a REGULAR STORE! On Saturday, my wife and I went to Old Navy and I grabbed a pair of 40″x32″ pants OFF THE SHELF and tried them on. While I was muffin topping a bit, they fit without having to suck it in. I actually had to return my recent order of shirts (XXLs) because they were too big. I’m fitting into shirts that were WAY too small last Christmas. I’ve gone from a 48×30″ pant down to a 40×32 in a single summer. I’ve gone from 2-3XL shirts, to single XL and slim fit shirts. My belt has gotten tightened from the loosest hole to the tightest and even that’s loose. Of course after trying on the clothes, I went on their website and saw I could get it for 15% off if I got it online… with free shipping (I understand now why retail stores are hurting so much). But in a pinch, I can finally buy clothes locally.

Click to make bigger to see how fast I got smaller.

The numbers here are frankly astonishing. Going Primal has me down 50lbs in 3 months (and a week). 30 days of steady weight loss with little to no change in exercise. I continue to walk daily to the train (1 mile) and occasionally walk BACK to the train (another mile). I’ve not started any serious exercise regiment at this point, but I’m going to start one soon (I think I’ve heard myself say that before). A Whole30 was introduced for an additional change up with another 15lbs lost. I’m off my Blood Pressure meds and I just FEEL good. I’m in the mindset of someone who doesn’t want to eat poorly. I’ve made so much headway that I don’t want to ruin it.

Now, my goals going forward are another 25lbs (225lbs) to get to my weight for when I met my wife; a 38″ waist, a LARGE shirt and I’d like to have it done by New Years Day. At that point I’d like to start my NEXT goal. Looking at myself right now, I think I have a solid 50lbs of fat to lose. I’ve still got a flabby gut full of old candy and beer. To lose this and tighten up, I’m going to need to start exerting myself. I feel like at 250lbs, I’m at a much better starting point for working out.

I need to get myself out of bed and do my 30 minute UFC Trainer class (An Xbox Kinect video game) before work. I think 205lbs could be doable by next summer. Everyone had said that at some point the weight would stop falling off… surprisingly to most people it took 3 months and it resulted in 50lbs. I hope to think of myself as a success story even where I’m at now. I hope I can continue on this path and get down to 205lbs in the next 9 months. A logarithmic trendline says I can get to 205lbs by New Years… that doesn’t take into account the lack of plateaus I’ve encountered, though.

Please share my story where you can. The support of my readers has been very helpful. Maybe some day you’ll see my story in one of the books as a success story.


4 thoughts on “3 months, 50 pounds, 8 inches.

  1. New John says:

    Hot damn, Jared, those are some great results!

    I know I’m just a guy on the net, but I’m proud of you, my man. Keep it up!

    New John

  2. Karen says:

    Awesome! I was thinking to share this even before you asked. My husband and I had about 17lbs each to drop. Not a dramatic story. But it was stunning to watch it fall off just by eating paleo/primal and changing nothing else. Even better, we didn’t have to count calories or feel like we were starving all the time.

  3. Adam says:

    Dude, you got this. 205 is doable way before next summer. I was up there at 285 last year and I hit 195 last week. I could have done it way faster but I only started paleo in March and haven’t been as strict as I could be.

    You will have to start exercising a lot more once you hit the ~220 range. It gets a little harder than just diet. Just keep pushing yourself!

  4. […] lost since starting my adventure and almost 75lbs since my worst. I really started to feel it. That 50lb mark came shortly after. I was feeling fantastic, but I was still up over 40″ around my waist. I had bought some […]

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