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My wife – Master of the Plan

Mumma’s first 5K

This whole thing was my wife’s idea. In the past, our attempts to lose weight have been driven by her. We’ve tried a LOT of things with some success and a lot of things with no success. I’m very lucky that this time my wife not only found something we both agreed on, but has worked hard to keep us on it with her amazing cooking.

Her latest push to lose weight started earlier this year. She had a painful lump on her side that she could feel herself, but her doctor’s couldn’t determine what it was. She went to a bunch of scans and tests and they found nothing. Eventually, one of the doctor’s told her that she needs to lose 40lbs RIGHT NOW so they can get a clearer image of what it could be. Distraught over the thought of losing so much weight, so quickly I offered her a deal. If she could lose 40lbs and keep it off for at least a week, I’d pay for us to go to Disney World. She started off by working out and seeing a professional trainer. This helped a bit. Then at the end of May she started looking into Paleo/Primal eating. She settled on the Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson. We started with the 21 Day Total Body Transformation. We agreed to avoid the supplements and focus mainly on the proper eating and exercise. She really stuck to the exercises (and the food) in there while I stuck mainly to the eating.

She started purchasing cookbooks to help us. Most importantly, she bought Eat Like a Dinosaur which taught us that not only could we eat right, but we could also enjoy things that we LIKED to eat already. Erin planned every meal, every shopping list and executed them to near-perfection right from the start. It was a lot of work but she made it look easy. The food has been fantastic and thanks to the internet (I highly recommend she has a constant source of new recipes to try. We’ve never eaten so well AND with such variety in our entire life. She’s done 3 Whole30s (I participated in her August one). Her most current Whole30 is actually a 52 day that she’s currently involved in.

All this time she was still doing a consistent exercise regiment. She began training to run a 5K, which she successfully completed two weeks ago. You can read about her training here – Run Mumma Run. Now, she’s got me running (again). We’ll be running our first couples 5K in a few weeks. It should be interesting.

So with that, I truly have to thank my wife for making this all possible. If it wasn’t for her, I’d still be 300lbs and miserable. We’ll find out if she reaches her 40lb goal weight on Thanksgiving morning.


It’s Happening! Healthier Body, Healthier Life, Healthier Family

My wife did a great blog post about how things are going with our family. I highly recommend reading it.

Why it’s not always good to be able to fit into your high school clothes

Ok, 240lbs. Minus 60 from start. Let’s get right to it. Here’s some awful photos of me posing in clothes from the mid to late 90s.

Though before we do that: Progress photos from August and from the start of this.

Ok, not just yet. First some now photos in regular clothes

And from the side

The million Nike shirt… even the stripes say Nike.

Over the shoulder Hilfiger shot…

I don’t even know…


This was my favorite shirt ever… I regret everything.

Semi-naked progress shots below

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The High School Weight Conundrum

So, I’m down to 242lbs. This was a weight I was at in High School. The unfortunate bit about that is that: I was fat in high school.

Looking in the mirror shows one major thing: while I’ve lost a TON of weight (nearly 60lbs since June and over 80 since my worst) I’m still pretty fat. My goal weight of 225lbs looks totally achievable now (and soon) but the problem is: I don’t think that’s enough. I’m still be-tittled… my gut is still there.

It’s all “Better” but it’s not “Great”. There’s a lot more work to be done. Specifically: exercise.


The Whole 52… or something

So, my wife decided to do another Whole30, except she wanted to go until Thanksgiving, 52 days away. That ostensibly means I’m doing it as well. That’s fine and dandy, but this time I’m not going to be quite so militant. We decided the day before we’d enjoy one last cheat meal before we took off on this odyssey. We went for sushi, tempura and a slice of pizza… yes, we went to two places in the same strip mall.

So, after we gorged ourselves (well, my wife only had one bite of my kid’s pizza slice, while I had a whole slice) we started our new Whole 52. We’re looking forward to prepping for Thanksgiving. We’re going to attempt a paleo Thanksgiving as well. That will hopefully include coconut ice cream and pumpkin pie. My wife is looking for a suitable crust, so if you have ideas, please let us know in the comments. As for my intent on this Whole52, I’m going to be working it as well as my mind will allow. I’m pretty burnt out lately and I need to just stick to a strict paleo diet and try to reduce any cheese and chocolate. That’s pretty much my only ‘mistakes’ I make while on my standard paleo diet.

My weigh in today was 244lbs. I don’t know if I’ll go so far to do the Whole52 without the weigh ins, but I’ll try to limit them to weekly.

Here’s a teaser at some upcoming post ideas I have:

The High School Fashion Show (where I try on and model my High School clothes…)

Hitting the Ice – A Return to Form (where I attempt to play hockey again)