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Surviving Thanksgiving

I’ve mentioned my wife in a previous post, specifically her ability to look ahead and plan meals when we’re going out. Thanksgiving is sort of the SuperBowl of Paleo Planning. Luckily for me, my wife was on top of it. This year we were going to her sister’s husband’s parent’s house for Thanksgiving. Her sister is gluten intolerant, so she handed out things for each person to make. My wife bore the brunt of making things that we could eat which included sweet potatoes, rolls, mashed cauliflower and pumpkin pie.

Yeah… except I’m 31.

Of course she also had to do this while preparing for a housewarming party for our friends in which she made pulled pork, guacamole and bacon wrapped dates (I actually made these and I didn’t screw it up!) and a paleo dinner with friends where she made an apple crisp. So, it was wise to more or less stay out of my wife’s way and take care of the kid so that we could eat well for Thanksgiving.

Boy, did she deliver. The other people in the family had some traditional (read: not paleo) things, but we supplied ample food for ourselves to go with the turkeys provided. The clincher was the Pie. I LOVE Pumpkin Pie. I could give the entire holiday away for Pumpkin Pie… yes, I’m capitalizing it, it’s that important. It was DELIGHTFUL. I’ll have to double check which recipe we used, but it was PERFECT. It was even better the next three days.

As an experiment I weighed myself on Thursday morning before eating and I was 234lbs, when I got home… 240lbs. Holy crap. By the morning I was back down to 234lbs. Today, I’m down to 231lbs… *phew*

My wife and I are doing another ‘diet’ using the Practical Paleo book. I’ll have more on that later, but quick tip. If you’re starting a Paleo lifestyle, I would avoid this book at the START. The sticker shock of your first grocery trip might kill you. I’ve been doing this since June and I had to put it on credit it was so god damned expensive and I already had MOST of the staples… this was just the ‘food for the week’!

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The long-con.

235 and in a shirt I bought in 1999 that NEVER fit.

I’m feeling pretty good about myself lately. I’ve settled into a solid 235ish pounds and I look a feel a million times better than I did in June. However it’s a bit of a double-edged sword. It’s now come to a head where in order for me to lose more weight I need to shift into high gear and start working out and becoming more strict… however I feel like I’m falling into worse habits and actually maintaining 235lbs. So the problem now is that I feel like I’m convincing myself that 235 is fine… but in reality there’s still a LOT of fat left in my gut that I’d like to get rid of… like a gunny sack of fat.

I blame this on a few things. I’m getting settled into my new diet and I’ve accepted what I can and cannot do. I’m seeing that even while sticking to a strictly regimented program (like Whole30) has it’s benefits in my health, the stress it was causing me wasn’t worth the few extra pounds. I think I could do it again, but I’d have to really prepare for it better. Primal is great, but there are pitfalls in eating dairy… like nearly choking on a piece of cheese yesterday. That was embarrassing. Then there’s the other niggling issues like the dreaded BUTTHURT. I’m still finding it difficult to inject myself with a proper amount of fibre to soak up all the protein. I’m still too meat focused when it comes to meal time. I think I need to start following the rule of hand when it comes to meat: don’t eat more than you can hold in one hand… I either made that up or I’m confusing it with something else. I know there’s something about meat tenderness being equivalent to bits of your hand. The other problem I’m having is that the seasons are changing and I’m lightly affected by the lack of light and the temperature change I’ve always tended to go into a more hibernation mode around this time. The opposite needs to happen. I need to get out there and work out… but I have no idea how people run when it’s this effing cold out… I better get started because I’ve got a 5K in like 3 weeks.

I’m having a hard time finding time to blog and I’m wondering if that has anything to do with my general malaise with the diet. I’ve not plateaued, because I’m not doing everything I COULD be doing. I’m settled into what could LATER be considered a ‘maintenance’ mode of eating, but I need more than that right now.

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