Passing out sucks.



I was hoping to have a post about my trip to Disney World, but this is a bit more important. Friday night was interesting… I fainted. After running for my train (and missing it) I suddenly felt very light headed and hot. I opened my jacket and made my way to the cold platform to get some fresh air. Suddenly I started feeling very woozy and took a few steps to head for a bench. I didn’t make it. I collapsed. I smashed my head and knees on the ground, broke my glasses and gashed my brow. I was bleeding profusely. An ambulance was called. I was carted to the ER on a stretcher.

After some checks with the doctor, my neck was found to be ok. More of a whiplash effect from smashing my head on the ground, but the cut over my brow required stitches. The EMTs and doctors all asked me if I was drunk, high or on medication. I said no, the only thing is that I’ve lost 100lbs over the past year and have been having some low blood pressure issues like this in the past few months. I’ve never had a fainting spell like this before. They asked if I had surgery for it or if it was lost naturally. I told them it was diet and some exercise.

The ER doctors were all very nice. They treated my wound, pumped me full of fluids and asked me all the relevant questions. Luckily, I never once lost my memory of the event. Even when I fainted, I remember seeing the ground rushing up to kiss my head. The worst bit was having my knees so badly scraped. Skinning your knee sucks. My head never hurt, surprisingly.

My head required 6 stitches. Interestingly, during my application of lidocaine I had no sensitivity to it. This confused the doctors quite a bit. They had me bracing for the worst pain being the application of the lidocaine. I felt NOTHING. I had a CT scan which came back negative (except that I seem to have chronic sinusitis.) My diagnosis: syncope (unknown reason).

Off to see my doctor and find out what’s wrong with me. After looking up Lidocaine, I found that people insensitive to it have this:

and I’m wondering if I suffered from this:

Today’s weigh-in 219lbs

Broke my glasses... that sucked the most.

Broke my glasses… that sucked the most.

less bandages

less bandages

Removing these tabs sucked

Removing these tabs sucked

Here's my 6 stitches

Here’s my 6 stitches

knee scrapes

knee scrapes

more bastard tabs

more bastard tabs


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6 thoughts on “Passing out sucks.

  1. Debi says:

    So glad you’re alright!!

  2. Hazel says:

    Fainting does suck. Now that you know what it feels like to faint, you will be prepared for the next one. Sit down fast and put you legs up.

  3. Kellie McMaster says:

    Those tabs do suck. Sorry that you are dealing with this.

  4. Sorry to hear about the fall; never a good time. Very glad to hear that you’ve had a relatively quick recovery and that your pain threshold is so high. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’m as lucky the next time I end up in a bad spot!

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  6. […] we got back and went back to a full strict paleo, I lost the weight in a few days and suffered from a fainting spell which claimed my glasses and gashed my skull. To this day we have no real answer as to why this happened. Low blood sugar is still the […]

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