Doctor’s Update

So, the nurse practitioner I saw yesterday was saying that what I experienced was just low blood sugar fainting. She asked me all about my diet and even said that I should start eating breads and peanut butter. They said I might need more protein (which I don’t think I do because I eat a TON of protein) and that I need to eat foods that have a low glycemic index (which I already do in the form of berries and vegetables).

I’m not entirely pleased with the answer I got as after looking at what I eat, my blood sugar should NOT have been that low that day. I’m thinking about getting a blood sugar monitor to check myself.

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6 thoughts on “Doctor’s Update

  1. Kellie McMaster says:

    Sorry to hear that Jared. Drs. Suck. I have been through the ringer with them, and still have no answers. I hope you get better answers and sooner.

  2. justal313 says:

    Yeah, they are all not House. If your symptoms 70% fit a condition they are familiar with and know how to diagnose and treat, that will be their go-to. It like only have a hammer and suddenly all your problems look like nails.

  3. Erin says:

    I think you should mention that your appointment was with the nurse practitioner, not your doctor who has been following you and guiding you through the weight loss. He knows a lot more about paleo diets and about you. While I think it was important for you to be seen right after your accident, I don’t think she provided you with ANY information worthy of changing your lifestyle, and I definitely think that you should look into blood glucose monitoring if only to prove to her that that’s not the issue.

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