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Journaling: Public and Private. Fears of Backsliding.

Hey there everyone. First, I want to say that if you’re not following my Facebook page you are missing out on some of my smaller updates. This brings me to the topic of this post: Journaling!

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Part of my goals this year were to start journaling more and more frequently. Now, you may not be seeing all this journaling because a lot of it is just for me. I also have a somewhat high standard of what constitutes a full blog entry or is fine for just a quick facebook post. I’ve been utilizing my facebook page more and more often lately for my Primal Fatso stuff because a lot of times I only have something for a quick few sentences or just a picture and a caption. For me to want to write a full blog post like this, I feel like I need at the very least a few paragraphs. My concern is that if I don’t blog consistently that I’ll just up and stop again (which you’ve all seen me do over time). Public journaling helps keep me in check with myself in some instances. Especially with my health goals. I don’t want this to become a grind or a job though. Using facebook helps me stay connected with my goals and when I have enough thoughts on a subject, it might turn into a blog post.

Private journaling, on the otherhand, is also something I find myself doing more and more. I’ve found that talking about things with friends and family sometimes brings up questions I might have about myself and why I am the way I am. So I’ll scribble a few notes down in Google Keep about my emotions or what’s happening to bring to therapy to discuss. Sometimes I dig in myself and think about it. It’s been extremely helpful lately for me. I’m hoping that by continuously journaling, seeking therapy and talking openly with my wife and friends, I can help to stay on the best path for myself.

Backsliding is my biggest concern in my life right now. Some days I get going into a great mind set for my health and my relationships and it just slowly dies off over time. I think journaling and consistent therapy will help with that. Setting goals that we consistently can measure with metrics helps as well and making sure to have a goal check-in is important also.

I feel like I’m doing pretty well right now. My biggest health obstacles are: consistently cooking and eating healthy meals and exercise. Sometimes it’s hard to get both right every week while also getting other goals done (like spending time with my family, spending time alone with my wife, spending time on myself, doing chores, etc…). Exercise and cooking regularly are always the first things to fall to the wayside. I’m aware of that and I have the metrics to prove that it’s a challenge.

That’s where I am right now, mentally. Physically, I’m still pushing myself. Still trying to get my eating under control. Started riding my bike again instead of driving to the train. Need to up my exercise to at least 3 trips to the gym a week. Feeling like I can do this still. Just need to make sure I don’t stop and I keep trying and when I feel like stopping, I find out why I’m trying to stop myself.

I’m not giving up. I’m just swamped

August was a bit of a blur. I ate pretty well. Got a lot of walking done. Turned into a giant stress ball at work and got buried in responsibilities there. I plan on returning with a longer blog post, but I’ve got a bit of writers block on top of that.

We’ve had an interesting dietary change over August: We basically ate the same weekly schedule of meals for like a month. We’re adding options for September, but it was surprisingly entertaining to do. It really helped me get comfortable with a few particular meals. I’ve been whipping up some particularly good and fast stir fries as of late.

Nothing much else to report in this short blog post…

Moving forward feels a bit like this lately though.

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To post or not to post?

I’m at that point where I’m debating quality over quantity. I take my writing relatively seriously, but I also know that when you start a blog, you need to keep the user roped in for the first few weeks. I’m at that point where I either push something out with little to no thought (like a facebook update… which I also do at or I miss a day, potentially start to lose my audience and then come back harder the next day.

I still want more readers, but not at the sake of a loss of quality posts. The truth is, I’ve not got much to discuss today. I’ve got an 85+hour work week ahead of me and I’m focusing on preparing for that. When I get home, I’m trying to spend as much time with my family before this marathon of work starting on Thursday.

So, please bear with me. I’m going to try to pre-write a bit of material to go out on a schedule but eventually I’m going to fall into the 2-3 posts a week sooner rather than later.

Tuesday weigh in – 283lbs