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Itty bitty titty committee

So, I guess I can buy this shirt now.

I don’t know much about bras… but if I had to guess at one point I was a solid full C. Nice if I were a woman. Running was always an issue so I understand a bit about what women deal with. I can understand why a bra is nice, keeps your bits together instead of flopping around like a set of water sacks tossed over your shoulders… or a bag of sand, whatever they’re supposed to feel like. I’unno. I wear my backpack pretty tight and directly over my chest and when I first started this, my boobmeat would squish out the sides and sort of under my arms. Sitting at my desk, my nipples would touch my stomach. Ok, stay with me people, things get better.

Last night I was noticing that when I laid down, my chest was flat. I can’t remember the last time that happened. That’s not to say that they’re gone entirely, but they do flatten out. When I put my backpack on, I have to cinch it up quite a bit now and there’s no meat sticking out the sides. When I run upright, there’s not a pendulum of mass throwing me off balance.

If I had to guess, I’m a full A right now and I can already hear all the cool girls at lunch giggling about me not hitting puberty yet. My boobs have a case of the Benjamin Buttons, and that’s a good thing. I just hope I don’t need a lift once this is all done.

I’m gonna have fun tagging this one.

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Loose clothes OR Keeping up appearances.

It’s better than the alternative, I guess.

Losing weight is a wonderful thing… most of the time. I’m down 25lbs since starting this, but I’m also down about 40 since last clothes shopping. This leads to events like the past weekend, in which I had to wear my suit to a wedding… a suit for a 325lbs man. Now, I’ve never been a 54″ waist, but the tailor insisted that I wear a 54″ trouser. It didn’t fit when I was 325… it REALLY doesn’t fit when I’m 275. My jacket is a 54″ chest. I’ve always had a big chest and now the suit fits a bit loose, mostly in the shoulders. So, with about 10″ of waistline to hide, I buckled my belt up (on the 3rd notch now!) and scrunched the extra round the back. Apparently, my friends noticed it and dubbed me J-lo butt for the day.

This isn’t the first time someone’s mentioned my clothes fitting loose. Even the guys at work are noticing that my shirts are noticeably baggier and my pants require a bit more cinching. Going without a belt is not an option right now. My strap belt is nearly going around the back of me now. When I was younger, I used to wear my strap belt through the first loop and I’d leave the excess loose along my leg. It was sort of a ‘gut gauge’ for me. At my thinnest, it hung to my knee. At my fattest it was above my thigh.

My shirts are mostly 3XL. My pants are mostly 46″. My shoes are all 11.5s. Most of these are too big (yes, even my shoes…) but the problem is do I invest in clothes that I’ll be grown out of soon or do I make due with what I’ve got? I recently purchased some new pants that are already too big and some shirts, but I need more. I need to start tossing my baggy stuff and going from there. I’m thinking of taking all my ‘too big’ shirts and counting them out and replacing them 2:1). Luckily I do have some older clothes that I kept as ‘goal clothes’ that not only fit but are going to be too big reasonably soon. The other problem is suits. I have TWO more weddings this year. I broke out my old blue suit jacket which hasn’t fit in years and to my surprise, it fits now. Hopefully it’s the right shade of navy blue for the wedding I’m going to be in soon. I also noticed that my ties tied with a school boy knot (Four in Hand) that it hangs properly without having to give myself a yard of extra material.

I do think a suit rental is in order though for the next wedding and I’ll need to buy some nice khakis and a nice shirt for the last wedding. At this point, I just need to get through the summer. Which means I’ll need ONE more bathing suit because the one I have now is going to be a problem… it’s nearly come off a FEW times… and I’m not ready to show off that much skin yet.

Slightly less fat guy in a GIANT coat. Slightly less fat guy in a GIANT coat. Slightly less fat guy in a GIANT cooooooooat.

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